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Battery Brands holds the proprietary rights to this website.

By accessing and using this website, the user is subject to the following Terms of Use:

  1. The use of this Battery Brands website, or documents and files accessed through this website by the user is permitted for personal information purposes only.
  1. The Battery Brands website as well as all content placed on the Battery Brands website, in particular [any] information, data, text, images, graphics, signs or marks, are protected by copyrights or by other intellectual property rights and are exclusively intended for the information of the user only.
  1. The user undertakes to refrain from any type of use which is over and above the use specified in point 2 above, and to refrain from any exploitation of legally protected content, in particular with regard to the reproduction, storage, distribution, publication, sale or processing, particularly with regard to information, data, text, images, graphics, signs, marks, unless the user has received express permission to do so from Battery Brands as the owner of such rights.
  1. The use of any content for the user’s own purposes unless express permission has been granted, or may be implied under the circumstances is not permitted.
  1. The information contained in the Battery Brands website, or in any documents and files accessed through the website, do not constitute a recommendation to purchase or sell shares in Battery Brands and are merely intended to provide non-binding information. It constitutes neither an offer nor the solicitation of an offer for the purchase or sale of shares in Battery Brands.
  1. Battery Brands expressly reserves the right to modify the contents of the website or parts thereof at any time, to add or delete individual pieces of information and to interrupt or shut down access to the Battery Brands website, for example for maintenance purposes. The user may not infer any legal claims in this connection.
  1. Links to one or more websites operated by third parties do not constitute a recommendation from Battery Brands with regard to any services and information offered by such websites. In such cases, Battery Brands shall not assume any warranty and/or liability for the content of such websites. Liability for the content of any linked website shall be assumed by the operator of the website concerned. In the event that infringements of the law are found, Battery Brands shall remove such external links without delay.
  1. Each user of the Battery Brands website who provides information to Battery Brands, hereby agrees to assign the unrestricted usage rights to this information to Battery Brands and grants Battery Brands permission to use this information as it sees fit. The information provided by the user shall not be bound by any confidentiality obligations, with the exception of personal data, the usage of which is subject to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) as well as the relevant Data Protection Act. Any and all information provided by the user shall be free of third-party copyright claims, or the user itself shall hold the rights to the information.
  1. Battery Brands is entitled to modify these Terms of Use at any time. The latest version of these Terms of Use shall be displayed on the Battery Brands website.
  1. Information regarding the proper handling of personal data by Battery Brands can be found in the Battery Brands data protection declaration.
  1. Users of the website agree that they shall not collect data for further processing, either manually or by automated means (using “screen scraping”), nor shall they incorporate data from this website into their products. The user is expressly forbidden from creating a simulated version of this website by “framing” or “mirroring”.